Designing and building
a passive house

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Passive House design focuses on creating optimal performance and comfort and uses clearly defined standards to produce buildings that prioritise the well-being of the occupant.


Facilitated by ArchiPro's Corney Swanepoel, we'll hear from PHINZ board members, Glenn Harley and Elrond Burrell as they discuss how to deliver a certified Passive House project. 

Webinar overview
You'll learn how to understand the energy flow in buildings, how to balance the demands of aesthetic and performance, and hear tips and tricks around designing and building passive projects. Some of the key topics will include:
  • Orientation & shading

    How to carefully consider the impact of sun paths and shading.


  • Form

    How to design a building to transmit less heat.


  • Insulation & thermal bridges

    What you need to know about the different types of insulation and how to avoid thermal bridges.


  • Windows & doors

    What you need to know about the most important aspect of passive house design. 


  • Airtightness

    Understand the interaction and independence of airtightness and leakiness when planning a passive house.


  • Building a passive house

    Discover the key differences between a passive house project and a regular one. 

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The format will be a 30 minute panel discussion and 15 minutes for an interactive Q&A.
The webinar will be held on Thursday 3rd February at 12:30PM NZDT.